Chesterfield Sports Fusion – 1/25/2015

We received a call from the browns to join them for an outing to Chesterfield Sports Fusion.  After some quick research, Danelle and I agreed it would be a fun thing to do. So we picked a time to meet the Browns. It was especially good timing as it was another cold wet wintery time.

Once inside we all purchased the Sampler Pack.
1 Laser Tag
1 Dodgeball
1 Min Golf
1 Basketball
3x up the rock wall
1 Laser Maze
$5 Arcade
1 souvenir drink

We quickly learned that you have to put in reservations for some of the activities, so we had to go in the order that was available for reservations. I can’t remember what order the events were in now….

The rock wall was a hit with everyone. Nancy and Andrew went straight for the top!


Safely on the ground!


Jason on the hardest climb.


Kevin and Jason going up the easy side.


Corvin didn’t waste any time going straight for the hardest wall first.

IMG_20150125_142820 IMG_20150125_142901

Hogan going up


Sonora trying the easy side while Hogan comes down quick.

IMG_20150125_143005 IMG_20150125_143206

Danelle succeeds on the hard side!


If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. Somebody hit Corvin pretty good and he was not happy. I guess its only fair as one of my balls hurt another kid. We played several games, and its hard not to get too excited as the games go on.


Mini golf was fun. the kids went ahead while the adults took their time. Unless they were too excited to put their drink down (Nancy).

IMG_20150125_163650 IMG_20150125_165054

We had a blast with the laser tag, but it was too dark for photos. While the price was a bit high, the family had an amazing time with friends. I would highly recommend this as a way to pass a nasty weather day. It was entertaining with exercise for all!

Hogan Haake