Sonora’s Birthday Skate Party – 5/17/2015

Sonora wanted to have a birthday party, so we ended up at Skateport. She invited several friends. It was a simple affair, show up, skate and eat pizza. Her friends started showing up and skating. Some of them had never skated before or were not very good at it. So Danelle and I split up. She kept her shoes on and worked with the kids on the side. I put on skates and helped out the kids that were new to skating. Eventually Nancy Brown came out with her own fancy skates from home and skated with us!

IMG_20150517_142719 20150517_142048 20150517_142316 IMG_20150517_142058

Of course, lighting was horrible for phone photos, so few of them showed up in any capacity. Sonora and Danelle made the cake at home and brought it in.


Eventually the kids ate pizza and were very happy. While then were eating, I overheard one of the girls say that it was more fun than she thought it would be!


Hogan Haake