Target Prank – 5/20/2015

We had some things to do, so we split up into two teams shopping at different stores. Sonora and I finished first. We then headed to Target where Corvin and Danelle were shopping. I thought it would be funny if we spied on them. So Sonora and I went around the store till we found Danelle and Corvin. Then we proceeded to take their photo and text it to Danelle.I figured this would freak her out a bit till she realized what was going on.

IMG_20150520_194423 IMG_20150520_195143

We followed all the way to the register before giving up and showing ourselves. Turns out Danelle’s phone battery had died and she didn’t get any of the text messages. Sonora and I still got a good laugh out of the whole thing even if it didn’t work out as planned!

Hogan Haake