Unicycles and Half Donuts – 8/11/2015

I occasionally leave a unicycle in the office. Today, Chad LaCroix gave it a go. While he wasn’t a natural, I wasn’t worried that he was going to fall right over and hurt himself! On the other side of the office, we have people cutting donuts in half. We made sure to get photos because … Continue reading “Unicycles and Half Donuts – 8/11/2015”

Crazy Birthday – 6/10/2015

Now that all of you know my birthday, I expect presents next year… Anyway, this day started off fantastic. Danelle told me not to leave for work till I talked to her. I was mildly concerned. I got ready slowly can came downstairs to her and the kids singing me happy birthday with my first … Continue reading “Crazy Birthday – 6/10/2015”

Office Video – 3/17/2015

My current employer wanted to make a promotion video. We took two days out of work to film around the office. The project had started as a hand help iPhone video and moved to a full production. It turns out that iPhones are great, but not the quality that we were looking for. Lucky for … Continue reading “Office Video – 3/17/2015”