Prom Dress Shopping – 2/10/2024

We’ve been driving past Frew’s Bridal shop in Alton for over a year now. Sonora always looks longingly at the dresses in the window as we pass by. Today on our way through Alton, she had us stop and look for prom dresses. Being a decent drive from our house, she was hoping for a unique dress. I won’t say I was excited for this, but Sonora’s excitement made it worthwhile. We started in the entry way looking at dresses. I took random photos of Sonora to amuse myself.

One she didn’t get. It was more cause she thought it was fun.

Another one that didn’t pass the test.

And if you want to see the dress she ultimately purchased, you’ll have to wait for the prom album to come out later. I can say I wasn’t super excited with the store. The dresses are not cheap. When we got to the register, I was surprised with a 3% surcharge for using a credit card. I wouldn’t want to go back there unless it was the only place with a dress for this reason. I could understand a discount for cash, but didn’t appreciate the surprise extra cost over what the tag said.

Hogan Haake

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