Summer Vacation – 2021

Vacation is a wonderful time to get away from your normal life. Sometimes its just not working and other times, you get the heck out of your normal surroundings and life a temporary but different life. This year, we had trouble deciding what we were going to do. Initially I wanted to do a trip … Continue reading “Summer Vacation – 2021”

Parents and Hannah come to St. Louis – 7/20/2021

My parents and Hannah came in from Kansas City to visit for the weekend. Like all visits, we spend lots of time in the house talking and catching up on each other’s lives.The came a few days before the weekend so Danelle and I still had to work. On the first evening they arrived, Mom … Continue reading “Parents and Hannah come to St. Louis – 7/20/2021”

Track Awards – 5/18/2021

With Covid-19 still a thing the track awards were scaled back. Only the athletes receiving awards and their families were allowed to attend in person. Corvin was not getting an award, so he  opted to watch on Zoom with several other teammates. They had a large screen in the gym with the Zoom participants. And … Continue reading “Track Awards – 5/18/2021”