Michael’s Halloween Bash – 10/28/2023

Michael is a friend from college from honor’s house. He hosted a pre-Halloween bash at his house. We were hoping for better weather to do interesting outdoor things, but the weather didn’t cooperate. We opted for lots of hilarious indoor activities.

Being a martial artist, he has a large collection of weapons for sparring. It didn’t take long before Josh took up the sword and went for the attack!

He also had the largest collection of Nerf guns outside a kids toy store I’ve even seen. We had at least an hour long Nerf gun fight with all different types of guns and ammo. Kids and adults alike had laughs.

Of course, there is always a serious side to all the gatherings and this one didn’t disappoint. Michael made a wonderful assortment of dishes for dinner that came together perfectly.

With food ready, we gathered to eat and laugh.

Hopefully we’ll do this again with some dry outdoor weather. Still a fantastic gathering!

Hogan Haake


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