Thanksgiving – 2023

Thanksgiving began on Wednesday early for me. I drove up to Wisconsin to pick up Corvin and bring him back home for a quick weekend in St. Louis. It was worth it to see him and have him home. We got home late and went to bed as we had to be up early Thanksgiving day for the Kirkwood Webster Turkey Trot. We surprised Corvin by Danelle, Sonora, and I also participating this year. We had a turkey custume for each of us to wear during the walk/run event. Here we are at the starting line, its packed!

There were lots of people that wanted a photo of us!

Several people asked and got in a photo with the four of us. Of course once the race started, Corvin was in the front of the pack doing his thing while the rest of us walked. Look at the video below to see how much the inflatable costumes of Sonora and Danelle move around.

Once the festivities were over, we went back home to start making the Thanksgiving meal. Unfortunately, somebody (I honestly cant remember but it wasn’t me) started feeling sick. We decided it best not to get other family members sick and cancelled the Thanksgiving dinner at our house. It stinks, but our health is more important. But then again, looking at the photo below, I wonder if it was a trick to keep all the bread to ourselves…

Corvin was on a mission on Friday afternoon and evening. He wanted to go on a photo shoot. He wanted to make a 12 month calendar with photos of himself for a Secret Santa gift. There were some interesting photos that he didn’t want to show us. I did get one photo out of him to set the stage.

Even with not getting together with family, having Corvin home made the weekend for Danelle and I. Sunday came all too soon and I had to drive him back to college and then come back home for work. Lucky for me, he got a ride from a friend that only made it a 10 hour round trip instead of the 15 hour trip it normally is. And just in time as it was snowing for about half of the drive this trip!

Hogan Haake

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