Kansas City Visit – 12/2/2024

Christmas is coming up and I promised my sister, Hannah, that I would work on some plumbing and electrical issues at her house while I stayed there. I knew the visit would be limited in time, so I thought a scouting visit would be a great idea. Lucky for me, Danelle and Sonora joined me for the weekend. First thing Saturday morning, Hannah and I left dad’s house at 7am for the 45 minute drive south to her house. There I looked at the plumbing and made a temporary patch that would help her until my longer visit.

By the time we got back to the house around lunch, Holly and her kiddos were at the house setting up Christmas decorations with the kids.

Lindsey is showing off the giant stocking.

I always make time to make faces with the kids.

Also as important to me is wrestling with the kids with my Snorkie voice.

I also brought in a sample of the photo scanning work that I’ve been doing since July of this year. Dad and Holly spent a bunch of time looking through the photos with me enjoying the old times! I’ll blog more about the process of scanning later this month.

And possibly the most common thing when visiting KC is Hannah and Danelle taking turns rubbing each other’s backs.

It was another visit that seemed altogether too short, but also too perfect. We’re looking forward to coming back for Christmas!

Hogan Haake

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