Kansas City with Holly – 9/15/2018

Lauren, Kathy, Sonora, Danelle, Holly, Becky, Mike

We came into KC for the weekend because Holly and family were going to be in town. Somehow it ended up being a mini reunion with family. Its always good to see everybody. First off is a video of Holly (and Jim)’s kids, David and Lindsay. I got them to say “Kelly Clarkson” and “Welcome… Continue reading Kansas City with Holly – 9/15/2018

August – 2017

Another good unicycling month even including the family. I also caught the awards ceremony for the MR340, cheering on my friends! It wouldn’t be a little adventure with some adversity. On my ride home, the throttle cable on the motorcycle broke on the highway. It was a bit of a close call coasting to a… Continue reading August – 2017

Hiatt and Family in STL – 7/18/2017

Hiatt and Sean being best buddies

On their way to Disney World, Hiatt, Kris, Rylan, Michaela, and Sean stopped by our house. It had the added bonus that it put them closer to Disney and was free 🙂 While they were here, Rylan wanted something to drink, but we didn’t have much to offer. So I suggested that the kids and… Continue reading Hiatt and Family in STL – 7/18/2017