Mom’s Death – 5/29/2023

I don’t normally post things out of the order, but this is important..

Patricia M. Haake    April 3, 1952 — May 29, 2023

Wednesday, May 24 was mom’s last conscious day on earth. It started off as any other normal day for mom. She was happy and getting things accomplished around the house. Hannah was there at the house along with dad. Hannah was working on the garden when mom said goodbye and went to the gym for her normal workout. During her workout, she passed out on a piece of equipment and fell hitting her head on the cement floor. Her trainer was quick to get to her, but she wasn’t responding. An ambulance was called and she was promptly taken to the local hospital. There, they learned that she had fractured her skull and required emergency brain surgery to ease the bleeding inside her skull.

On Thursday at noon, I took Sonora with me and drove to Kansas City to see mom. We went straight to the hospital ICU to see her. I knew what to expect when I got there, but it was still a bit much. She had half her head shaved from the surgery with lots of stitches. She had a tube down her throat helping her breathe and a ton of IV bags keeping her alive. Mom was never conscience, but would shake her foot occasionally when we talked to her. As I left for the evening, Hannah and Sonora went to Hannah’s house for the evening and I went to my parents house with Dad. Henry spent the night reading to mom for the second night in a row.

Friday morning, dad and I went back to the hospital. Family came and went and I needed to leave town by 11am for a party we were hosting that night in STL. Eventually Hannah and Sonora showed up and we left at 11:45am for STL. We got back in time and performed our chores needed for the party to happen.

My siblings kept in touch calling and texting often while I was back home about mom’s condition. I was presented with a yo-yo of emotions and test results. Unfortunately the trend was downwards. On Sunday, I got the call from dad that they were 99% going to pull the plug on Monday. I drove back into Kansas City on Sunday night.

Monday was a blur of emotions. They ran one final test to prove that she was not going to make it. With the test confirmed, we each got time with mom before it was time. Dad, all 7 siblings and a few spouses where there when they removed her breathing tube. They also took away all of the IV medicine and a generous shot of morphine just in case. It was a peaceful passing that took less than 5 minutes.

I drove back to STL on Tuesday at 4am to take Corvin to a doctor’s appointment, and we left as a family on Wednesday evening for the funeral. I was moved by the amount of friends that showed up to support the family and me. Several of my college friends surprised me at the funeral coming from all over Missouri. I’ll forever be grateful for mom and all of the other people in my life!

Some random pics of people that were there.

Henry, Hannah, Kris, and Hiatt in the ICU waiting room

Herman spent the night taking shifts reading to mom. He was so tired his car keys fell out and on the ground.

Zach and Brian at the funeral home.

Jim, Holly, Hayden, and Jennifer at my parents house.

Fred in the basement sitting in an old school desk.

Mom’s Obituary

Patricia (Pat) M. Haake, age 71, passed on May 29, 2023. She was born on April 3, 1952 to Robert and Joan (Tate) Bryant. Patricia was one of 8 children.

With over 50 years of marriage, Patricia married her sweetheart, Daniel Haake. She was the most beautiful, patient and kind person many have ever met. Pat was a mother to 7 children, a mother-in-law and grandmother to many. Those who met Pat were always greeted with a smile and a warmness that quickly welcomed strangers into her house and family. She touched everyone who had the opportunity to spend time with her and will be missed by the masses, who had more than a passing moment in her presence.

Pat was known for making sure her family never wanted for anything and her grandchildren will have lasting memories of all the hours she spent playing toys or hide and seek. One always knew what was on her mind as she never minced words, especially when often sharing that her only son-in-law was loved more than many of her own children.

While Pat was a homemaker for most of her life, she graduated from Ward High School, earned her Associates Degree from Donnelly College and earned a Degree in Special Educaion from Avila University. When not spending time with her family, she enjoyed many hobbies such as doing puzzles (no less than 1000 pieces!) sewing, reading, gardening, and pretending not to watch her favorite soap opera or following what the royals were doing in England.

She had a sense of humor that was beyond awesome – making funny videos just to make others laugh….Pat, we miss you more than you know…dinners won’t be the same, jokes won’t be near as funny, but we are comforted that you are watching over us and have rejoined with those that have previously passed…WE LOVE YOU….

Patricia is survived by husband, Daniel Haake, sons, Hiatt (Kristina) Haake, Hogan (Danelle) Haake, Hayden (Jennifer) Haake, Herman Haake, and Henry Haake; daughters, Holly (Jim) Pinegar and Hannah Haake; grandchildren, Michaela Haake, Sean Haake, Isaac Keal, Alex Keal, Rylan Keal, Corvin Haake, Sonora Haake, David Pinegar, Lindsey Pinegar, Brian Haake-Lopez, Zachery Haake-Lopez, Phillip Haake-Lopez, Rayland Ehlers, and Easton Haake; sisters, Becky (Mike) Bryant-Stefanick, Jane (Fred) Coulter, and Joan (Mike) Robinson; brothers Terry (Darlene) Bryant, Tom (Kathy) Bryant, and Bob Bryant.

Patricia is preceded in death by her parents; brother, George Bryant; grandson, Jonathan Haake-Lopez; and beloved dog, Peaches.

Video tribute of her life

Miss ya Mom.

Hogan Haake