Dinner And Pizza – 8/30/2022

Like too many nights, we didn’t want to cook dinner. It was almost time to take Corvin to college and we just wanted a relaxing time together. Sonora picked Panera (St. Louis Bread Company) for dinner. We went out to get our food. The kids are getting along fantastic and we’re having wonderful conversation. Sonora … Continue reading “Dinner And Pizza – 8/30/2022”

Coty Arrives – 8/18/2022

Before the last school year was out, Sonora got the idea of getting an exchange student. She liked the idea¬† of a student from Japan. From what we understood of exchange students, somebody would show up for two weeks. Then later, Sonora would get to go to Japan for two weeks. All fun in a … Continue reading “Coty Arrives – 8/18/2022”