Coty’s First Game – 9/10/2022

Coty, our exchange student from Argentina, decided to try out softball while she is here. Before coming to the United States, she had never played softball. We had 2 outings to practice as a family before she went to her first practice. The rules state that you have to participate in 14 (or maybe 10) practices before you can participate in a game. Because she wasn’t here in the summer to get practice in, she had to wait 2 weeks into the season before she could have her first game.

Things get serious when she braids her hair to keep it out of her hair.

She played a good game still trying to figure out all of the rules. Of course she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She also has lots of fun!

And finally, check out the video below of her first at bat.

She’ll getting better each day and we’re enjoying watching her grow!

Hogan Haake