September – 2023

Danelle’s parents have been having trouble with their laptops recently. I convinced them to get updated ones. One of the driving reasons was having the same laptop might make it easier to support. If it worked on one, it should always work on the other, right? Here we are setting them up. Hopefully they enjoy them.

During my weekly 5K race at Creve Coeur Lake, Dave didn’t paddle when he normally does. He got a tattoo that he wanted and couldn’t get it wet. Instead, he put his grill in his truck and cooked meat for us while we paddled. He brought some venison and hot dogs. Super nice of him and delicious!

Danelle came into the office on a day it was empty and worked next to me. Cutest co-worker I’ve ever had!!!

Coty and I took the MetroLink train to Forest Park to catch the balloon glow. We were too late, but did catch the sky divers and fireworks before heading home.

We sat on the sofa making faces at each other.

And there was never a doubt to me, but for the rest of you, Coty is part of the family!

Hogan Haake