Halloween – 10/31/2022

Halloween is here and Coty wanted to dress up and go out. Sonora already had plans, but that wasn’t going to be a problem. First order of business was to dress up as a hippie and go to school.

We kept meaning to carve a pumpkin, but hadn’t done it. So Coty carved her first pumpkin.

She carved out the mouth and wanted to try it out for a photo.

Its said that a good education isn’t cheap. In Coty’s case, she learned that she doesn’t like the taste of pumpkin…

Danelle carved a “pumpkin” or a mandarin orange and tried the same mouth trick, but hers tasted much better.

And the two carved items worked perfect together.

Our skeletin really liked them as well!

I drove Coty over to Clair’s house to go trick-or-treating with her. On the way, we saw a fox running across a yard. It was too fast and dark out to get a photo, but amazing seeing it in the wild. A great day full of new experiences!

Hogan Haake