Sick Of Camping? – 10/15/2022

We decided to go camping on a whim. We went to the state website to reserve a site at one of the lovely Missouri State Parks. To our dismay, it seems everybody else also wanted to go camping. We found a spot after lots of searching at Sam A Baker State Park. The park is a little over 2 hours from home. The goal was to get there Friday night, hang out all day Saturday not doing much and head home Sunday.

On the drive down Friday night, I was feeling a little sick but nothing I couldn’t handle. We arrived at our site and promptly went to setting up our 2 tents. One giant one for Coty and Sonora that sleeps 6 and a 2 person tent for Danelle and I. With the tents properly positioned, we had a small fire and called it a night.

I remember waking up around 10:30 with my throat feeling worse and my nose completely stopped up trying to catch my breath. Danelle passed me the inflatable pillow that she said wasn’t working for her. I used it and it helped drain my head so I could sleep the rest of the night.

The weather was brisk on Saturday morning but was supposed to get into the high 50’s. Certainly warm enough if you’re mildly active. I made breakfast for the family on the fire. The girls sat in chairs trying to get warm.

Even with the fire and the portable heater, it was cold in the morning.

The afternoon warmed up a bit and we ate lunch. I then went for a walk with Danelle down a path. We ended up at the river and she stayed for a bit enjoying nature!

After the walk, I sat down in a chair with a blanket. The girls all went out to the store to get some supplies that we forgot. I took a nap and generally tried to stay warm in my chair with the blanket on.

I don’t know when the girls got back, but I eventually had enough being cold and shivering in my chair. I got into the car and turned the heat up to 84 before it was finally warm enough for me. Danelle eventually figured out I was in the car and came by. When she realized my feverish condition, she made the decision we were not staying another night. I hated to ruin the trip, but I also felt too bad at the time to do anything but stay warm.

The girls spent the next FOREVER (but actually a bit over an hour I’m told) packing up camp and stuffing it into the car. When we were ready to go, I hopped in the back seat for the ride home. They got something from McDonalds, for dinner and I remember eating something, but mostly sleeping on the way home.

At home, I woke in the drive and stumbled into bed to sleep for the next 24 hours before starting to feel human again. Sorry to the family for ending our trip early. But thankful to them for taking amazing care of me!!!

Hogan Haake