Spring Break – 3/18/2023

It happened again this year where our schedules were conflicting. Danelle had other things to do and didn’t get to go with me for our spring break trip. For this trip, it would be Sonora, Coty, and myself (Hogan). Follow along and see what the heck we were up to. We started driving Saturday morning … Continue reading “Spring Break – 3/18/2023”

Hannah Visits – 3/16/2023

My sister Hannah came if for the last part of her spring break. We’re always happy to have her visit us and treat her well so she’ll come back as often as she wants. I also cause a bit of trouble when she is here to entertain her. We went to the grocery store and … Continue reading “Hannah Visits – 3/16/2023”

Corvin’s Spring Break in St. Louis – 3/12/2023

Corvin came home to St. Louis for spring break. He wanted to see a Battlehawks game with his friends. He was also ready to see us for a bit. Of course, that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be found on his computer the most 🙂 Coty also has lots of fun with Corvin. Times like … Continue reading “Corvin’s Spring Break in St. Louis – 3/12/2023”

Grandpa Henry’s Birthday – 3/5/2023

We’ve been wanting to get Danelle’s parents out to Danforth to hang out with us for a while. We used her dad’s birthday and decent weather as an excuse. We started off by taking them to Panera for lunch. They don’t go out much and this has become their favorite place to eat (when we … Continue reading “Grandpa Henry’s Birthday – 3/5/2023”