Coty At The Airport – 5/29/2023

The saddest day in my life was today. I was torn between two cities. In the west, I was in Kansas City with my mom. In the east, my adopted daughter, Coty, was heading home to Argentina after living with us for nearly a year. There was never a doubt how many lives she brightened in her short time in St. Louis, Missouri.

Her closest friends and St. Louis family were here at the report to see her going back to her family.

Even with the sadness of her going home, her spirit showed with laughing and having fun!

Family and friends watched her through every step they could till she was fully behind security.

Like all crazy things in our lives, that was not to be the end. Storms cancelled her flight and Danelle picked Coty up at the airport around 1am. Then eventually took her back to try again the next day. It took nearly 48 hours for Coty to travel safely back home. We’re gonna miss her! Lucky for us, we have her in WhatsApp and can still chat and hear her voice.

Hogan Haake