Coty Paddle – 5/27/2023

Coty has been in town for nearly her full stay and we have yet to take her out on the water. Based on how much we like to paddle, its crazy that we didn’t get her out before now. Without further adieu, we got the C4 and 2 kayaks out and headed to Simpson Lake.

We had a full crew of 6 paddlers, Danelle, Hogan, Sonora, Eva, Coty, and Dan.

Rafted up together its easy to exchange gear and provide even more laughs. We put Coty in the easiest kayak to make sure she didn’t flip over. She didn’t waste any time giving us her patented silly face.

We saw a decent number of birds on the paddle. I hope that Coty had lots of fun and only wish that we had gotten her out on the water sooner.

Hogan Haake