Upper Limits – 1/17/2024

Corvin really loves rock climbing. Most of his activities are indoor, but he does have equipment for climbing outdoors as well. When he is in town, he gets to Upper Limits  to climb a few times a week. When he doesn’t have a climbing partner his age, I substitute in. I don’t climb much, but can belay him so he gets his workouts in.

Corvin getting ready to climb. This bag goes around his waist and is generally behind him. When he has grip issues, the brush combined with the chalk in the bag helps him continue on. Since I’m his life line should he fall or need a break, its difficult to get an action shot of him. Occasionally going up the wall, he just takes a break when his muscles are overloaded. Today, I took some one handed shots of him, while holding on to keep him safe!

Hogan Haake

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