Easter and Prom 4.23

We travled to Kansas City this year to celebrate Easter. Grandma Pat started off the wonderful weekend by taking the kids to the “Ball Museum” (Wonderscope Children’s Museum). They always love going there with grandma to play. Aunt Holly decided to join them. After the trip to the museum, Hannah had PROM that night for … Continue reading “Easter and Prom 4.23”

How to EULA

Introduction As a career software developer, I have written quite a bit of code for my employers and for myself. Countless hours have been spent in front of a computer monitor pounding out complex sequences of characters to produce software programs. Occasionally software developers decide to share their work with the greater community and publish … Continue reading “How to EULA”

Return from Springfield

Class seemed to end in a blur Wednesday night. As soon as we were let out, I rushed across campus to drop off my books and pick up my motorcycle. I messed up my schedule, as I was supposed to meet Jana, Matt, Isaac, and Stephanie for dinner at 6:00 pm. I ended up getting … Continue reading “Return from Springfield”