Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 5

Sunday, and we are just starting to get into the riding groove. Its our third full day on the road and Hiatt and I are getting used to this life. The road waits, and all we have to do is wake up and eat breakfast. So we head down to breakfast for the second day … Continue reading “Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 5”

Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 4

Saturday, and we got a late start. After the previous night riding in the dark, we were ready to sleep in. Once we got down to breakfast, we realized that it would be a bit longer before we left the hotel. The food at breakfast was amazing. Fresh quiche and waffles. In an effort to … Continue reading “Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 4”

Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 3

Friday morning, I woke to the alarm on my phone. I was quick to get through my morning routine and be dressed to ride. We shared a continental breakfast at the hotel lobby and then had to figure out what to do. After flipping through the pamphlet, we decided to try out the “Jasper Disaster” … Continue reading “Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 3”

Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 2

The images below are the relevant pages of the pamphlet that originally drew our focus to Harrison, Arkansas. The quality is lower because this is the same copy that was on our trip. It was folded and flipped through numerous times. I’m impressed that it made it this long. Lost the images, but here are … Continue reading “Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 2”

Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 1 – Hiatt’s Counterpoint

I wanted to add a couple items.  The planning section for where Hogan and I went to was a little bit of a battle.  Hogan didn’t want to be land locked to a state and I knew Arkansas had some great roads.  The quest was to have a happy medium between adventure and just logging miles to log … Continue reading “Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 1 – Hiatt’s Counterpoint”

Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 1

Notes from my motorcycle trip with Hiatt. I made a logo, but never got shirts made. Technically I should have included Kansas as he lives there, but its still funny for us! Its Thursday, May 5th and my bags are packed. I kissed the wife and kids goodbye and took off for work. This was … Continue reading “Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 1”