Hannah and Company – 6/26/2014

My sister Hannah and her friends Tiffany, Shelby, and Kaley came to visit for a few days.  Being poor college students, Hannah depended on her big brother to give her free room and board plus some entertainment. And being the good brother, I didn’t let them down. The weekend started with a call from Hannah telling me what time she and her friends would be in town. I was then instructed on what type of alcohol to purchase. This was late Thursday night, but I was up to the challenge.

After a trip to the grocery store for supplies, I laid on the couch for a nap before their expected 1am arrival. I had about an hour’s refreshing sleep before the girls arrived.  Once they were settled, I did my usual telling of silly jokes while all participated in many drinks.

With my kids away at camp while the girls were there, they were free to use the kids rooms for their stay. They didn’t wait too long before getting comfortable. 20140627_033747

Danelle and I had to work on Friday and gave the girls a ton of ideas of what they should do and see while in St. Louis. This included a warning that rain was coming. Like any good visitor to the city, they proceeded to visit the arch.20140627_112248

They ended up getting wet walking around downtown. I suggested they visit the Graffiti wall, but they couldn’t find it.   They came back to the house and Danelle and I hopped in the van with the girls and headed back downtown to find it. The girls were quite impressed with the art and we may have done some decorating of our own…20140627_181715 20140627_181357 20140627_181136 20140627_180742 20140627_180718 20140627_180641 20140627_180618

Later that night, we ended up at a karaoke bar.  The girls got up and attempted to perform “Benny and the Jets”, but it was worse than horrible.  We all laughed at it.

Danelle and I are looking forward to hosting the girls again this coming summer.

Hogan Haake