August – 2023

It wouldn’t be a good month without at least one cat photo. Coatrack is our family favorite and here is Sonora hanging out with him. I got an action shot of Dylan at the office. He left the company for another opportunity, but left his mark! I was able to see Kiersten and her daughter … Continue reading “August – 2023”

Volleyball – 8/30/2023

Danelle has played on the same volleyball team that her brother invited her to for at least 15 years. There was a small break during Covid, but the team came back. She’s the longest lasting player as people come and go on the team. This is best demonstrated by the fact that our kids are … Continue reading “Volleyball – 8/30/2023”

August Sunset Race – 8/10/2023

I convinced Sonora to come out with me to the Sunset Race tonight. She wasn’t feeling super great for paddling. I told her to just sit up front and only paddle when she wanted to, we were there to have fun and hang out. It didn’t take long before she was laughing in the front … Continue reading “August Sunset Race – 8/10/2023”

Dad Week – 7/7/2023

Dad had open heart surgery a few weeks ago. After his surgery, he went to residential care where they took care of him around the clock. Once he was cleared from residential care, he was going back home. It just happened that my sisters were both on vacation that same week. Nobody was going to … Continue reading “Dad Week – 7/7/2023”