Missouri Botanical Garden’s Orchid Festival – 3/20/2013

Danelle visited the Orchid Festival this year at the Botanical Garden. Each year from January to mid-March, they display an amazing selection of the 7,000 or so orchids they have from all around the world. This year, the theme was Madagascar. If you have a chance, check out the display next year. In the meantime, … Continue reading “Missouri Botanical Garden’s Orchid Festival – 3/20/2013”

Bike With Your Boots On: River Rally Edition – 5/19/2013

The River des Peres Watershed Coalition has been running “Bike With Your Boots On” events for five years.  This year, we hosted a group of eight River Rally participants on a ride along Grant’s Trail.  The group stopped at two sites to learn about water quality monitoring methods and to test the waters themselves.  Following … Continue reading “Bike With Your Boots On: River Rally Edition – 5/19/2013”