Stream Team Cleanup – 2/15/2014

We joined a two day cleanup of the Meramec Bottoms area in south St. Louis. It was a two day event focused on the collection of tires and trash. On the first day, Danelle went out early in the morning and the kids and I met up with her after lunch and Corvin’s basketball game. The weather was around freezing. We all loaded up on layers and coats. I wish I had better photos of the cleanup… After the second day, we had one dumpster completely full of tires with an extra hundred plus tires that wouldn’t fit. The second same sized dumpster was full of trash. We actually had to stop picking up trash the second day as there was no more room to put it!

Two of the things we couldn’t get out were a boat and a truck.

Despite the freezing temperature, we had a great family time and did good!