River des Peres Trash Bash – 10/22/2016

We participated in the annual River des Peres Trash Bash this year. I was a surprise site leader being asked at the last second to lead one. I had never been to the location before, but winged it quite well. While Sonora and I worked a specific site, Danelle and Corvin went around taking random photos. They even found their way onto the Missouri River Relief boat!

As always, the event was a great success and we all had a great time!

Hogan Haake

River Des Peres Trash Bash – 10/24/2015

This year for the annual River Des Peres Trash Bash, I decided to be a site leader. As a entry level leader, I took a smaller easier role, but made a difference. I was responsible for an area and lead a group of college volunteers from Iowa around to get the trash picked.  One of the girls found a dead snake, but didn’t want to keep it.


After we got our area cleaned up, we decided to go down to the Mississippi river and help another group. But before we loaded up, one of the college girls realized that she lost her cell phone. We looked for quite a while and never found it 🙁

Eventually, we headed out for the Mississippi to help on that site. It was cool working down by the big river cleaning up what we could. Then on the way back to the party, my “new” truck broke down. It made horrible sounds so I stopped. When I turned it off and then tried to start it, it wouldn’t. So I ended up calling a tow truck and waiting.


While Sonora and I waited for the tow truck, I sat in the bed while Sonora sat inside. I was amazed how many mindless drivers drove up to the back of the truck and stared at me waiting for me to move. Guess they didn’t notice the hazard lights flashing or the hood up.

Luck for us, we were on the route back to the park. Sonora got a ride to the party from some Streamteam people and I got a ride to the shop where I dropped off the truck, then back to the party. Meanwhile, Danelle was at Corvin’s soccer game.


Back at the party, I could only laugh at my misfortune while eating a nice catered lunch and listening to Jack and Tracey of The People’s play for the group.


Hopefully I’ll see you at the next Trash Bash, or even sooner at a smaller stream cleanup!

Hogan Haake

River Des Peres Cleanup – 10/18/2014

We participated in the annual River Des Peres cleanup. I think it has a cooler name, but Danelle isn’t here to ask. We got there early to help setup. Corvin was creative with the sign.


Once the event got going and people showed up, we ended splitting up into three groups. Danelle stayed around the main camp and took photos, Sonora went with some people we knew, Corvin and I went to a remote site with a boat to help clean up.

Corvin and I ended up driving my van down/on Grant’s Trail to get to the put in. From there, we drug the boat a ways down to the creek. Corvin and I shuttled people across the creek so they could clean up on both sides while the other canoe focused on water based clean up.

IMG_20141018_111942 IMG_20141018_111954 IMG_20141018_112007

When the cleaning up was complete, we met back where we started for lunch. We had to rush lunch a bit as Corvin had a soccer game, but it all worked out!

Hogan Haake