New Yamaha FZ-07 -6/20/2016

I encouraged my coworker Eric Ent into getting a motorcycle. We’ve gone on a few rides together, and he’s fallen in love with riding. It didn’t take long for him to grow out of his Honda 500cc bike. Eric fell in love with the Yamaha FZ-07. So he finally broke down and bought one. I’m fortunate that he trusts me enough to ride it around the parking lot at work. There is something fun about riding a bike with less than 100 miles!

img_20160620_155524 img_20160620_155536 img_20160620_155555 img_20160620_155623 img_20160620_155646

Its a cool bike that had plenty of power, but it seems a bit small when I sit on it! Lucky for Eric, its a perfect fit for him! I’ve offered for him to ride my Concours, but he is nervous with the size and weight of it! Its nice to have friends you trust with sweet toys!

Hogan Haake

Meramec Marina – 6/18/2016

The Meramec Marina is a hidden gem in the St. Louis area. Its on the Meramec river near George Winter park on Highway 30 (Gravois).


One of the things that makes the marina so great is that we can paddle to it. From where I typically put in on the river, its a 4 mile paddle downriver. Of course, what would a marina be without beer and pizza. So when we visit, we get a beer and pizza to celebrate getting there. Its got a pretty laid back atmosphere. I think they’re always a little surprised to see a canoe pull up and tie off to stay for a bit.

There isn’t much about it online, so here are a few photos of it for you’re viewing pleasure.


There is no railing on one side of the stairs and the river level changes, so be careful!


The platform leading up to the parking lot.


Looking from the parking lot to the marina.


It looks unstable, but it doesn’t move when walking on it. Just the same, its best not to look down!


Lots of boats docked here during the summer. I hear there is a waiting list, but I don’t have a motorboat, so I’ve not asked.


The building with the bar!


Looking down the steps.


Hogan Haake

The Gas – 6/11/2016

I was out unicycling and I got a call from JoJo, “The River Wife”. I was stopped at an intersection and picked up the call to see what she wanted. She mentioned a paddling race coming up in a few days and wondered if I was interested in it. I told I would find out and get back to her. I called Danelle (my actual wife) and got her blessing that we didn’t have anything else going on that Saturday. So I called JoJo back and confirmed that we would be racing.

JoJo had prior commitments and didn’t get much sleep the night before. We headed out early going south on I-44 from St. Louis to the Rolla area for the race. “The Gas” is a 20 mile race held on the Gasconade river. JoJo got a shuttle driver for us so the logistics were perfect for us!

img_20160611_075019 img_20160611_075027 img_20160611_075107 img_20160611_083553 img_20160611_083801 img_20160611_083810 img_20160611_161640

The start of the race was quite hectic. All the boats shot out at full speed all headed for a narrow gap and a lead over the others. We held up just a bit to avoid the traffic jam. Two boats in front of us capsized and we were just about to ram one to make a third and possibly fourth (us) when I had a serious pull backwards on my paddle to maneuver us out of the way. We got a decent advantage  from the boats that flipped and spun out and quite an excitement.

Our boat and skills lend towards serious long term paddling, so we didn’t finish that well next to the skinny race boats, but we had a fantastic time!

Hogan Haake


Park With Mark – 6/5/2016

My nephew Mark came over for a visit. While his parents talked to Danelle, Mark and I took a walk to the nearby park. I talked and got him to laugh and talk back. He rode on my shoulders and pulled my hair. We didn’t stay too long at the park but it was worth every second!

img_20160605_172637 img_20160605_172642 img_20160605_173634 img_20160605_175717

Hogan Haake