Warehouse Cleaning – 12/20/2016

I came back to JoJo’s funky warehouse today to continue cleaning for the Amazon Event. They were kind enough to bottle my beer for me. I still wanted to do my part helping JoJo get the warehouse prepared for the party. We performed a few jobs.

I put “Fat Freddy” up and plugged him in!

We put the bubble wave up on top of the shelf.

Affixed the cool wood border on the wall.

Mark and Nancy fish continued brewing beer.

Hogan Haake

Preparing for the Science Fair – 12/16/2016

Sonora decided that she wanted to participate in the science fair this year. She teamed up with her friend, Ella. It was decided that they would come to our house and perform the experiments. They were observing different candy (Mentos) being dropped into Diet Coke.  First stop was to shop for supplies!

Back at home, they wanted to make cup cakes since Ella was spending the night.

Shortly before it was time for Ella to be picked up, we decided it would be best to perform the experiments. First the supplies!

They decided to try peppermint candy, Skittles, and Mentos. The peppermint wouldn’t fit in the bottle without some modifications…

Once broken up, the were able to get film of each candy being dropped in.

Most interesting to me was that each candy caused fizzing of the Diet Coke to one degree or another.  Somewhere there is footage of the experiments. They girls also tried Mentos in their mouth followed by drinking Diet Coke. The results were comical! Unfortunately they didn’t finish writing up their project in time, but they still had fun!

Hogan Haake

Corvin’s Orchestra Concert – 12/14/2016

The day after Sonora’s concert, Corvin had one of his own. Danelle and Sonora decided to warm up by the fire before we went into the concert. Glad they didn’t burn themselves!

Unfortunately, Corvin plays the bass and we often forget to bring the good camera, so you can’t really see him in the back right, but he is there!

If you’re still here reading this, its best to just listen to the group play, not too shabby!

Hogan Haake