State 13 – Wisconsin

July 7, 2019

Our last state for this weekend unicycle trip is Wisconsin.

The plan was not so simple. We woke up early and got breakfast. We normally ate breakfast at the hotel, but today was going to be something special!

We were going to meet a friend at a ferry dock and pick up a boat to help transport across the country. We would bring it from Michigan to St. Louis where somebody else would pick it up and continue its journey. We got the boat loaded up and all of the details we needed for the next leg.

Next we would load the Lake Express Ferry and go across Lake Michigan with the van and end up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to unicycle the downtown area. We got in line for the ferry, got the van inspected and then went to the ticket window. I told her our name for the reservation. She came back and double checked our reservation. When she came back again, she explained that the ferry was full and our reservation was for 11pm. Frustrated, I asked for a refund and we decided to leave. We drove a short ways and pulled over to re-group.

I decided we would drive to Racine, WI and unicycle where we had previously planned before we learned about the ferry. An extra 90 minutes to the trip and way more driving than I thought I would!

There isn’t much in this world more annying than toll roads, and we got to experience many of them.

While all of this may sound horrible, the unicycle riding turned out fantastic. Once we got the van parked and started riding, all of the annoyance from the day vanished! We ended up riding out on a man made rock and concrete structure used to make a protected harbor. We did lots of climbing around and riding through the water!

Who knew that missing the ferry would turn out to be such a blessing. This is the number 1 ride we’ve done thus far in all of the states!

Corvin’s journal entry.

Our Strava entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles: 64.34
Total Moving Time: 12h 57m 47s
Total Elevation Change: 1645 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 9
Total Corvin UPD: 4

Hogan Haake




Pervert Ride – 5/19/2019

I’m always looking for interesting places to ride my motorcycle. A previous ride had me in some interesting parts of Illinois. Today, I went back to take photos of all the adult establishments that I could find, hence the name of this post. Please note that no establishments were entered during this event. And if that still isn’t enough, stick around after the photos to hear about how karma got the best of me!

After getting all of these photos, and I probably missed a building or two, I decided to continue heading north on Illinois Route 3 to Alton, IL. During this part of the ride, I noticed the clouds building. Before long, it was pouring rain and I was getting drenched with rain. Eventually, it cleared up after I was completely wet. I stopped to get a few photos of the flooding.

The Great River Road is closed.

The water is in the parking lot ahead. That red thing sticking out is the entrance to the casino, but its unusable as the water is too high.

I guess this makes it a water park?

Using water to shoot the mud back into the river from the parking lot.

Hogan Haake

Front Steps – 5/17/2019

If there is one thing houses need, its constant maintenance. Today’s edition features our front porch steps. About 5 years earlier, we had re-finished the porch steps. They were more than due again. This time, it was more than just paint that we needed. Several steps became rotten and needed to be replaced. I’m far from a carpenter, so you experienced home improvement people may need to avert your eyes at what comes next.

I started by removing the boards that had the most rot. About half of the screw heads still worked and were able to be unscrewed the traditional way. However, there were more stubborn screws that required me to chisel out the screw head. From there, I used vice grips to turn the screws by hand. Only then could I remove the boards…

Once I removed all of the really bad boards, it was time to deal with the railing. Those were nearly completely rotted out and needed to be replaced. I was fearing this part of the project as it would require skill and accuracy. Don’t worry, I got Danelle to help for the skill and accuracy part!

Here are the steps with the new boards installed. Now all I have to do is the the railings back on!

Every project needs a proper mess before it can be complete!

And finally (we’ll skip the part with all of my cursing and frustration), the finished product with the railings re-installed!

Because the boards on the steps are new treated lumber, they need to dry out before they can be painted. You can expect an update later this summer as we re-finish the whole thing.

Hogan Haake

State 12 – Michigan

July 6, 2019

Michigan is the next state in our path.

We talked with a local resident before the trip and were tipped off to the Kal-Haven Trail. Its a thirty plus mile trail going from the coast of lake Michigan east past Kalamazoo. As we drove to the trail, it was raining lightly. We had perfect riding weather for the trip so far. Our drive was going west from Kalamazoo on highway 43. We stopped at a Subway and dashed inside trying to avoid the rain. There we ordered two foot long sandwiches. The goal was to split one before we started, and the second at the half way point of our ride.

It didn’t take long before we got to South Haven, MI and the rain was stopped with clear skies. Its amazing with a 30 mile drive will do for the weather. In the parking lot, we prepared for the ride. Mostly a pre-ride video, and loading the water bag with supplies. They had a very nice bike fixing rack with attached tools in the parking lot.

It didn’t take long before the trial got interesting. It paralleled the black river. We chatted with a boat and saw them again later when the river and the path met again. We also had to divert around a flooded section of the trail that Corvin rode through on our way back out.

The trail quickly turned to packed earth and chat. Very similar to the Katy Trail in Missouri. We stopped and played at the iconic covered bridge that is in most of the photos of the Kal-Haven trail. There are several minutes of video trying different camera angles as we rode across. Then we finished heading out 5 miles on the trail. Near our turn around spot, we passed by a large building. We realized quickly from the smell that it was full of hogs. I love bacon, but its very hard to get past the smell of their poop!

We enjoyed our half way sandwich after we got clear of the hog building and could breathe again. While this trail is similar to the Katy in Missouri, its high on our list of rides. The tree canopy made the ride wonderful! You should visit the Kal-Haven trail if you’re ever in the area.

Corvin’s journal entry.


Our Strava entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles: 60.44
Total Moving Time: 12h 11m 34s
Total Elevation Change: 1542 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 8
Total Corvin UPD: 4

Hogan Haake

Sonora’s Birthday – 5/10/2019

Before you get too excited, I know Sonora’s birthday isn’t for 5 more days. However, she wanted to have a party with her friends and this was the day that worked out.

Several of them came over. We got them to mostly play outside and try different things. Here are a few photos of them.

Of course I couldn’t keep them out of the house completely, and they wanted to eat cake!

While the kids were inside, I prepped the outside for a movie on the back of the house. The two rows are 100 glow sticks I set up.

Happy Birthday Sonora!

Hogan Haake