20 Year Reunion – 8/13/2016

Its hard to believe I could celebrate 20 years of anything, but today was my reunion. I had a good high school experience, but I don’t feel like it defined my life. I did generate a nice core of friends that have kept in touch. We decided to no go to the official reunion, but to instead have a anti-reunion where we could see the people we actually care about. Here are a few of the people I care about from that time.


Hogan and Danelle before leaving.






Sarah (middle), Shannon (right)


Danni (middle), Allison (right)

And I missed getting photos of the others. Was more excited to see the friends and talk than take photos.

Hogan Haake

2016 MR340

I participated in my 5th MR340 race this year. I’ve written extensively about my experiences in the past. Danelle posted our progress during the race. This year I’ve waited a long time after the race and much of it is a blur. Here is some of what I remember.

While shopping for some supplies, I found a PFD that would be horrible for the race.


Since I’m running the RaceOwl website, I wanted to get to the race check in early and be available to help fellow racers set up their software. Of course, this meant that we would drop off the boat and walk around taking lots of photos first. I didn’t realize till we got there that Danelle had never been there for the start of the race or the check in process before.


Admiring one of the many safety boats.


A 4 person pedal drive boat. About 40 feet long with outriggers for balance.


JoJo and Stacey admiring the boats.


Another view of the 4 person pedal drive boat. Started life as a rowing scull.


Its raining boats!


The large red one in the back is a custom 4 person SUP board.


A 6 person boat, paddled by women from Texas. They won first place overall!


Home build boats by Mark and Nancy Fish.

img_20160718_170352 img_20160718_170431 img_20160718_170747 img_20160718_171031 img_20160718_173311 img_20160718_173321 img_20160718_173530 img_20160718_173533

Shortly after we left Miami, Missouri we encountered a storm. Like most storms of consequence, it caught us off guard and nearly flipped us. We managed to fight the wind from the middle of the river over to the shore. There, we spent 23 minutes waiting for it to clear before continuing on.

In the aftermath of the storm, the sky was amazing!

img_20160719_192611 img_20160719_192615 img_20160719_192624 img_20160719_192633 img_20160719_192635 img_20160719_192636

Anyway, that is the end of the race photos! After the race, I had some fantastic blisters on my hands!

img_20160721_195215 img_20160721_195204

Like many things in life, the photos don’t do them justice. My hands peeled for about 2 months after the race, but it was totally worth it!

Hogan Haake

Hermann to St. Charles – 7/10/2016

This is our last big training run before this year’s MR340 race. I decided to do a full test of my 3 camera system and got it on video.

I wish I was better with names, cause training partners/groups make the whole thing worthwhile.


Mike in the back and can’t remember the guy in front.


JoJo up front.


Terica on the left and Andy on the right in orange.


A selfie with Hogan showing the rear camera.


Twin front and back cameras from the middle of the boat.


Hogan Haake