Avery Play – 4/7/2017

The Avery Play is an annual tradition going back 68 years. Parent volunteers from the PTO get together and write/direct/act in a play for the kids of the grade school.  Here is a collection of photos from practice leading up to the play. I’ll end with the full play recorded for your viewing pleasure.

Hogan Haake

Unicycle Mechanic – 4/2/2017

I came across a stranded motorist. He had a flat tire and drove on it way too long. By the time I saw him, the shredded tire had cut through several wiring harness on his car. I used band-aids from a guy that stopped to help prevent any additional electrical shorts from the wires touching.

I recommended he get the car towed to prevent further damage, but he decided to drive it with the spare to a mechanic… Hopefully I don’t have to change too many more tires when riding!

Hogan Haake

Waterfall Batteries

We’re working on a solar system for waterfall so we can be off the grid. Eric came out with me today to install the larger batteries. We had to relocate them since there wasn’t room where the old one was. He brought out the soldering iron to make sure they last.

The batteries are installed and the power is on and working. We’ll have to come back another day and get the solar panels complete… Somebody forgot to bring drill bits 🙁

Hogan Haake