Mud Run – 5/19/2018

Its been 3 years, but Deck Commerce returned to the Mud Run. This is to be the last Mud run at The Battlegrounds as they are converting the course to a Tough Mudder event. I can tell a difference as the course has changed and several more difficult obstacles were present this year. We didn’t bring any cameras with us this year so we could focus on the event. Straight to the photos of the event!

Kris Ninnis riding piggy back (on me) for the camera

Krista Goldman, Brian Eiswirth, and Hogan

Krista Goldman and Brian Eiswirth

Chris Deck (the owner of Deck Commerce) and Hogan dabbing as they jump 15 feet down into water.

Krista Goldman about to get more wet.

Brad Pagel embracing every part of the run!



The group from left to right Back: Brad Pagel, Chris Deck, Hogan Haake, Jesse Pettis, Kris Ninnis, Brandon Chism Front: Krista Goldman, Joe (Chris’s father in law), Brian Eiswirth

Its worth noting that Joe (front middle) is over 70 years old and kept up with the rest of us!

Hogan Haake

Printed Light Holder – 6/1/2018

We needed a great light system to do the Texas Water Safari. In order to get the lights on the boat, my co-worker Eric said he would 3D print a holder. Here is the initial fitting.

These 3 photos demonstrated the initial fit before final printing took place. Everything looked good and I gave Eric the go ahead to print the rest of it.

On June 1, Eric delivered the finished 3D printed light mount.

This adjustable light mount was going to be our secret weapon. We would have enough light to cruise through the night and place well in the race. If you’ve read the blog, you know that didn’t turn out as expected! I”m still glad Eric made it and we tried it. Maybe next time 🙂

Hogan Haake


Goodbye Truck – 5/13/2018

If you remember way back, I took a motorcycle trip to Colorado where I broke down. I purchased a truck and drove myself and the bike home. Now, almost 3 years later, it was time to part with the truck. Danelle used it for her PhD research and now the research part is over. So these are the last photos before it changes hands for a new adventure. Its been fun and frustrating at the same time!

Hogan Haake

Sunset Race – 5/10/2018

Another Sunset race. We got there early and a guy backed a race boat down the ramp. He said he was breaking in a new motor. I was excited at first as I do love motorized things, but my joy changed. He was using racing fuel and left a fog of spent fuel and fumes when he left.

I paddled with Terica and we grabbed a barrel while we were out!

Hogan Haake


Coatrack In The Van

Coatrack, our large tuxedo colored cat is still very new to us. We’ve had him for a year and I don’t remember him ever going in the car except when we brought him home and maybe a followup vet trip. So I brought him with Corvin and I for a quick out and back trip. He was very curious at first as most cats are.

The silly guy climbed all around, even ending up on the dash!

His eagerness quickly wore off and he was generally unsettled. When I brought him back in the house, he was much happier!

Hogan Haake