Henry and Carol’s 50th Anniversary – 7/14/2019

My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Danelle and Brian organized a party at Cyrano’s to celebrate. Many years before, Henry and Carol had one of their first dates at Cyrano’s, making the venue especially appropriate.

We were very excited to have a great turnout.  All of Henry and Carol’s siblings, children, and grandchildren were there, as well as many nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews.

It’s not a party without a little fun influencing the next generation of trouble-makers!

I didn’t catch the joke, but there was a lot of laughing!

With the grandkids….

Brian and Danelle each said a few words talking about their parents.

It seems that the Haake family has not quite cornered the market on goofiness.  Carol with her brother and sister made sure the columns at Cyrano’s would be able to stand up against some massive pressure.

Hogan Haake


Office Prank

I showed you that we painted the office. What I didn’t show you was the design that happened once the painting was done. Actually, I won’t show you all of that either, I want to focus on one specific thing. The designer added a large clock to one of the walls. Its hard to see the scale of it from this photo, but its about 3 feet across.

For some reason, I decided that I didn’t like the clock. From about 7/15 through 8/15, every time I walked by the clock and didn’t see anybody around, I spun the minute hand to make the time incorrect. Sometimes if was only off by fifteen minutes. But as the month continued on, the clock became hours off.

Eventually I couldn’t keep it in and told my boss and one other guy about what I was doing. They laughed and then proceeded to tell me that management thought the clock was broken. They corrected the time multiple times and replaced the batteries at least once. They could not figure out why it didn’t work!

After about 2 months it got out that I was messing up the clock and the joke was up. Most of us got a good laugh out of it and the time is now correct!

Hogan Haake

Office Painting – 7/12/2019

The Deck Commerce office has looked nearly the same since I started. It was time for a refresh. We had a decorator coming in. To save money and build teams, it was decided we would provide the painting part of the labor. Here are some shots of the work.

Some in-progress and after shots.

It looked like a Dexter shopping trip with all of the plastic sheeting they purchased to protect the floors.

Chad painting an orange accent wall.

If it looks like a mess, that is because it is.

Ann is removing tape after the painting is done.

Brad and Eric causing trouble.

Chris Deck (the owner of the company) is pulling tape.

Kristen is having fun.


There wasn’t much productivity that day, but the office sure looks better now.

Hogan Haake

128th Sunset Race – 7/11/2019

The second Thursday of the month, you’re going to find me on a river paddling. Generally the Meramec river. Tonight was no exception and I was bring a new paddler with me. I met Tonya at a doctor’s appointment. She was working and I struck up a conversation with her. Somehow, it came to paddling. It sounded like she had not had the opportunity to go in a long time and I invited her for the July sunset race. I think she gave up on me, because she was quite surprised when I called her about a week before to make sure she was still coming.

It took some serious encouragement, but I got her to come out to the river. She ended up bring her son (I think his name is Sam). The three of us piled in the canoe and took off for an adventure!

Melissa paddling away.

Melissa and Jojo paddling kayaks.

Sam and Tonya. Look closely and you can see the deer on the bank we’re pointed at.

Always making faces at Melissa.

Which is why she returned the favor!

There are the three of us enjoying a perfect evening together.

Tonya didn’t bring any shoes that could get wet. We were helping her stay dry as she got in the boat.

It brings me joy to spread my paddling opportunity with others!

If you’re reading this and you want to go out paddling, drop me a comment and we’ll see about working something out!

Hogan haake

Webster Groves 4th of July Parade – 7/4/2019

Danelle is on the Webster Groves Sustainability Commission. They had a shared parade float and were walking with a small float. Danelle asked if the family could come along and they said yes. I’m not one to pass up a parade and an excuse to ride a unicycle in it. Corvin and I both got the unicycles out. Just to make sure I was up to it, I scouted the parade on the first. Lots of chairs were already out claiming space!

Since we were riding the parade, we only got one selfie before the riding started. I made a huge number of loops around the parade float, constantly circling so I didn’t go slow enough to dismount. We rode as close as we dared to the sides and got high fives from the kids as we rode by.

I’ve got some ideas for next year if we get the opportunity to do it again. The people organizing the float liked us as we were a big attention grab!

Hogan Haake