CCL 5K – 8/25/2020

I’ve been participating in the Creve Coeur Lake 5K race that is every Tuesday in the summer. I’ve paddled several different boats in that event and enjoyed myself. In order to level up my experience,I’ve taken my unicycle and ridden a lap or two around the lake before then paddling around the lake.

Today, I skipped the full lap and instead went off road with the unicycle! Here are a few photos of what I did.

I enjoy my shadow riding.

I stopped about 1/4 of the way through the off road to pose with this concrete structure.

The trail I rode is on the south end of the lake and goes along the edge of the lake and continues south past Mallard lake.

After the unicycle ride, a lap on my Epic V7 around the lake. This is my idea of a perfect evening!

Hogan Haake