Ecological Society of America 2018

The Ecological Society of America held their annual conference on August 5-10, 2018, in New Orleans.  This was my first time attending and I have to say that I was overwhelmed!  There were over a thousand scientists in attendance and the wonderful individuals I met were as diverse as the ecological subject areas that were being studied.

I went to the meeting with Megan, a fellow grad student working in Jason Knouft’s lab.  I was pleased to be able to present a poster of my recent work and had some great feedback from one of the editors of one of the British ecology journals.  I was also glad to see Kara, a former member of the lab.  We enjoyed an evening on Bourbon Street, a must for any trip to New Orleans.

While I heard a lot about some very interesting science programs and areas of study, one of the sessions that I found most inspiring was one on the importance of communicating our science.  Based on my insights from that session, I am re-kindling my blog and I have every intention of posting regularly so that my massive throngs of readers (Hi, Mom!) can hopefully glean something from my own thoughts on science…

​Thanks for reading!


Megan and Kara joined me on an evening visit to Bourbon Street in New Orleans.
Danelle Haake