Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 6

This is it. Its Monday and our last day of motorcycle madness. I’m getting used to the lifestyle but my reality tells me that there are more important things than the road for me today. Two kids and a wife await my return. They will never fully understand how this trip has changed me, but … Continue reading “Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 6”

Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 5

Sunday, and we are just starting to get into the riding groove. Its our third full day on the road and Hiatt and I are getting used to this life. The road waits, and all we have to do is wake up and eat breakfast. So we head down to breakfast for the second day … Continue reading “Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 5”

Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 1 – Hiatt’s Counterpoint

I wanted to add a couple items.  The planning section for where Hogan and I went to was a little bit of a battle.  Hogan didn’t want to be land locked to a state and I knew Arkansas had some great roads.  The quest was to have a happy medium between adventure and just logging miles to log … Continue reading “Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 1 – Hiatt’s Counterpoint”