Kimmswick Sand Bagging – 6/27/2015

The town of Kimmswick, Missouri is a river town south of St. Louis on the Mississippi river. We went down there once to have lunch with the browns at the Blue Owl restaurant. The kids remember going there and are quite fond of it. We heard on the news that the flooding of the Mississippi … Continue reading “Kimmswick Sand Bagging – 6/27/2015”

South Dakota Kayak Challenge – 5/22/2015

So I talked Danelle into a canoe race with me. A simple 72 mile race in South Dakota. Here is how it all went down. Thursday after work was the last day of school for the kids. We went to the after school party and let the kids hang around till right before 7pm. Then … Continue reading “South Dakota Kayak Challenge – 5/22/2015”

Chesterfield Sports Fusion – 1/25/2015

We received a call from the browns to join them for an outing to Chesterfield Sports Fusion.  After some quick research, Danelle and I agreed it would be a fun thing to do. So we picked a time to meet the Browns. It was especially good timing as it was another cold wet wintery time. … Continue reading “Chesterfield Sports Fusion – 1/25/2015”