Promnato – 4/16/2023

Prom is here and its going to be interesting. Sonora and Coty are going separate ways. They each have different friend groups they want to hang out with. First, Coty is dressed and ready to head out with Dan and Will.

Wishing I had moved the hose before the photo, but they all looked great just the same. Off they went.

Next, we followed Sonora to Forest park where her group was getting photos. You can see Sonora’s happiness below.

Eventually the ladies line up for their group photo. See in the background the clouds building.

Okay, they don’t look that bad, but if we panned the camera, you would see the darkness coming. Shortly after this photo was taken, the clouds raced in covering the sky. The rain started. Lucky for the ladies, prom was a 5 minute drive away at the science center.

Just as the prom attendees got to the party, the tornado sirens started going off. The students spent the first hour of prom taking shelter in the lower level of the facility. Danelle and I drove directly into the worsening storm to get home and shelter.

Eventually, they did get out and get to enjoy prom.

And after prom, the kids invaded our house.

Nobody got hurt in the storm and all had a great time!

Hogan Haake