Christmas Eve in St. Louis – 12/24/2022

Nothing like the holidays for pushing you to do the most possible in the least amount of time. Okay, we had a little more time, but I should explain. Corvin was scheduled to take an Amtrak train home from school. Amtrak cancelled the train 5 days in advance due to weather. I’m guessing they don’t use the same weather people as the TV news does, or they might have cancelled for nothing. When we made plans, Corvin was supposed to arrive around 1 am Thursday 12/22. We figured he might want some rest before having a party, so we put it on Christmas eve to make sure we were all rested. Instead, I made the drive up and back on Wednesday.

Anyway, we went to Henry and Carol’s house for Christmas. We brought over all the food so all they had to do was host the group of us.

Corvin was looking dapper as usual.

My “twins” (Coty and Sonora) having a great time.

We played several rounds of dominos. No photos of that as the games were spirited. But after the game, we started stacking them. Danelle got a rather tall stack.

Sonora had an interesting design.

I decided to go a different path.

Somehow we all ended up in the kitchen and taking selfies of us. I really cherish these impromptu moments of laughter!

The family dynamic is that we show up early and Danelle’s brother Brian and family show up later. They stay later and we leave earlier. After eating a wonderful meal that we all brought together, we hung out more.

Brian and Kelly.

Mark had a good time too even making my hair static.

We had a present exchange and then said our goodbyes as we had a long day planned for Christmas.

Back at home, the kids wanted to do our present exchange that night since we would be leaving early the next day for a few days. We started the kids off with stockings. I’m not sure that Coatrack liked sitting there, but he did well.

Coty’s favorite present was the giant box of her favorite candy, Twix!

Then it was time for bed so we could get up early the next day.

Hogan Haake