State 14 – Oregon

August 1, 2019

Today is the start of another epic unicycle trip. Okay, it started yesterday in St. Louis, Missouri. We caught a plane and flew to Denver, Colorado. There, we slept overnight in the airport until  we could catch our flight to Spokane, WA. Its a long nervous story with us both getting middle seats in both our flights. A delayed flight, and worrying that our packed unicycles and bags would make it.

After lots of worry and a ton of travel, we finally made it to…

I’ve heard amazing things about the beauty of Oregon. We were looking forward to uni-cycling along a river. Unfortunately for us, the road had an average of 12 inch shoulder and a 60 MPH speed limit. This had cars and trucks buzzing by us while we rode. Only a few got very close, but that does nothing for your nerves.

Partly due to poor planning and the sheer remoteness from our home location, this state is by far the worst ride we have done. And with luck will remain the worst as we plan better for the future!

Corvin’s journal entry.

Our Strava entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles: 70.52
Total Moving Time: 14h 01m
Total Elevation Change: 1756 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 9
Total Corvin UPD: 4

Hogan Haake