Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/3/2019

This day started off with a morning swim in the pool and some sauna time. We came back up to the room to change before breakfast when we got a surprise. The fire alarm went off. This one was turned up to 11, so there was no reprise from the noise anywhere in the hotel. We got the most important bags and headed out to see what happened. Eventually it went off and we then had to fight the crowds in the breakfast room. We got our food and eventually went back up to the room to pack up and head out.

Our first stop was Petroglyphs. We got in and Sonora wasn’t happy. She and I hiked while Danelle and Corvin went around. C/S both didn’t really care for it, so we left after not much time in the park. Funny how you expect something to be good and spend time there and it ends up a bust!

I enjoyed the desert flowers and the hike, but the kids were having none of it. Rather than try to force it, we decided Danelle and I could come back some day on our own and visit.

I decided to take the family to Whataburger for lunch. Its still fast food, but the family had never been to one together and I was quickly running out of options. With ice cream shakes in hand, the kids were satisfied as we left. The day wasn’t lost just yet.

Corvin started driving but had trouble staying awake. I took us straight to Shiprock, NM to get photos of the rock. I wanted to get closer, but we didn’t have enough time.

After Shiprock, we headed to 4 Corners Monument. There, you can stand at the geographical center of 4 states at the same time. We got in with the obligatory photo.

While we were there, Corvin and I each uni-cycled around the outside.

Finally when that was all done, we headed to Bluff, Utah. There we logged an early night to allow Danelle and Sonora to watch the Blues in the Stanley Cup Final.

Hogan Haake