Corvin’s Birthday Party – 10.9.11

Corvin wanted to have a birthday party with his friends. So we took him and the kids to CiCi’s Pizza. We have been going there for kids eat free night too long now and the managers know us. Jack ran the birthday party, entertaining the kids and adults! I recommend their birthday party. The kids … Continue reading “Corvin’s Birthday Party – 10.9.11”

Corvin’s Birthday Weekend – 10.8.11

For Corvin’s birthday, his grandparents from Kansas City came in town. This ia always a treat for the kids. We normally go to KC to visit them. Grandparents were treated to two soccer games on Saturday morning. Corvin is quite the soccer player scoring a couple goals each game. After the soccer games, we decided … Continue reading “Corvin’s Birthday Weekend – 10.8.11”