New Years Eve 2011

In a tradition going back to at least 1999, we spent New Years Eve with Kelly, Jeff and family. True to myself, odd [numbered] years are when we host them, and even numbered years we go to wherever Kelly and Jeff are living. First, we should introduce the players!

Brian and Kelly, Kelly and Jeff

Jake and Robin, The lovely Danelle [and me hiding behind the camera] Of course we had our kids there as well, but New Years is about adults pretending to be kids and drinking sparkling grape juice. As the evening progressed, we passed the time playing games. The three sets of adults [with kids] rarely see midnight as they are generally too tired to consider it. The games helped us forget that we should be sleeping in preparation of our kids getting up early and wanting our attention. Our first game was Apples to Apples. We had several interesting rounds, made more interesting by the very diverse personalities. Place any card with bacon or girls and I’ll pick it any time no matter what I’m presented with. Others were more “sensible”, so it was important to focus on the presenter.

After we finished with the apples game, it was on to Dance Dance Revolution on the Nintendo Wii. We each took turns dancing. I may have upped the dancing a notch when I got out a rock star wig and went crazy. My score wasn’t great, but the laughter was. We may have had a video of it, but I wasn’t going to let it see the light of day.


At a few after midnight, Kelly took the nasty bottle of champagne out front and shook it up to spray it all over. I’m guessing she doesn’t watch much auto racing or championship games, cause she didn’t know to put her thumb over the end and spray it like crazy! Overall a perfect way to start the new year with friends!