December 2011

The kids are getting huge, but also more adorable. Sonora is cute as a button and still cuddles with her parents!

We went to a baby shower for Kurt and Mandy that was family and man friendly. We’re excited to see their little one that is due soon. One of their family members is a great face painter and got her brush on the kids. Sonora looks cute while Corvin is slightly scary.

I did the first white elephant with my employer that I have ever done. I ended up with a new crazy wig, and I think it looks good on me. Now I just need to learn to play the electric guitar!

I have mentioned before that I’m into magnets. I have them all over the ceiling at work. But there are a few places that I can’t get to, so I found a lady at work that was willing to to climb on top of my desk to and put up magnets. Thanks to Andrea for being a good sport!

Finally, the other interesting thing that happened this month was visiting with Sean, Jennifer and family. They came to St. Louis for something and met up with us. We went to their hotel and spent a few hours in the indoor/outdoor pool.