Father’s Day – 6/20/2021

When I think of Father’s Day, I like to think of a relaxing day doing whatever nothing I want and the kids leave me alone. Yeah, not very fatherly of me… And the kids wanted to treat me (meaning they said where I go and I pay). Therefore, we started off at a bowling alley. Somehow along the way, I gained another child, but she’s basically family now (hi Eva). We arrived around when the lanes opened and managed to play a few games. Of course I also had to feed the family the fanciest bowling alley fares as well.

With bowling completed, I was starting to feel in the mood of festivities.I decided I would one up the kids suggestion of bowling. I gave very few hints of where we would go, but we went by our house and Eva’s to get socks and closed toe shoes for everybody. This confused everybody except me. Guesses were made, but none were accurate. We went to Boshertown Go Karts! I’ve been by this place many times but never stopped. Since its off the beaten path, it wasn’t familiar enough for anybody to guess till they could see it.

To add to the excitement, Sonora was eligible for her learner’s permit but had not yet tested for it. This was her first chance to drive!

Sonora focused heading into a turn.

Confident Corvin passing everybody.

Eva making sure to make no mistakes!

All 5 of us raced the first time all in the same size karts to make it fair. The 3 kiddos took a second lap. All had a blast and enjoyed the surprise!

Being around my family is what makes being a father the best present of all.

Hogan Haake