Subordinate Paddle – 6/16/2021

We’ve been paddling a lot recently. Taking ourselves out and our friends. Today Danelle decided to take her subordinates out paddling. I’ll list the participants in the order of rank.

1. Danelle (BOSS)
2. Hannah (Employee)
3. McKenzie (Intern)
4. Hogan (Its me, a lowly husband and not important enough for a photo)

Hannah and McKenzie are both a bit new to water and we’re attempting to do our best to help them enjoy it in a calm safe manner. We felt Simpson lake would provide the calmest water that was non-threatening to the girls. We knew of an eagle nest and decided to paddle out towards it. Being biology girls, we figured they would enjoy it.

Its a bit hard to see, but the nest is the dark blob in the top left of the photo. I’m sure they could name the bird in the center, but I  would just call him bob.

Here is a close up of the nest with some eagles.

Without a better, camera, this is the best that we can do. Also of interest for this trip, some fellow paddlers directed us to a family of 4 baby raccoons. They were quite adorable to watch, but I found out later that I got a bit too close for the girls comfort.

Raccoons were everywhere on this trip. we found this guy hiding in a pipe…

In all  a great evening with friends sharing our love for paddling. And some fantastic wildlife this visit!

Hogan Haake