St. Louis Cardinals Game with Byron and Christy – 6/1/2014

A good friend from high school, Byron won tickets for a Cardinals game from his employer. I’m not sure how they ended up being Cardinals tickets as he lives and works out of Kansas City, but I’m not complaining. Byron had enough seats to take my family along with much of his from KC. The … Continue reading “St. Louis Cardinals Game with Byron and Christy – 6/1/2014”

May – 2014

I caught Sonora practicing her ballet at home, she looks so cute! No, this isn’t a visit to a doctor’s office… I played a prank on a co-worker today. Drew with dry erase markers on the glass over her kid’s photos. Hogan Haake

April – 2014

This was a fun month. Probably the most notable thing that happened this month was watching my next door neighbor catch his dry lawn on fire while my son tried to put it out. Hogan Haake