Blues with Dulle – 3/21/2015

Mike is a good friend from college that I met in the dorms. We’ve kept loosely in touch over the years. Mike spent several years living in Iowa, but not when we did. Now that he is back in Missouri, he happened to win a party at Ballpark Village to watch the St. Louis Blues game. It didn’t work out that Danelle could come with me, so I went solo.

IMG_20150321_143153 IMG_20150321_151404 IMG_20150321_154327

It was fun catching up on life. Of course he’s a proud father and couldn’t be happier!

Per Ballpark Village, I didn’t have that favorable of an opinion. Its an overpriced Buffalo Wild Wings (and they are not cheap to begin with) that is very crowded. I was especially annoyed with their TV coverage of sports. The St. Louis Blues were playing a playoff game and they only got 1/4 of the huge screen. One of the others was taken up with pre-season baseball. Playoffs for a local team should always trump regular season, which should always trump pre-season.

On the bright side, I showed Mike a new photography trick. Its named the “Dickerson Photo” for the gentleman that created it. The technique involves a fake subject posing (Dickerson’s wife) and then snapping a photo of the person behind said subject. Here is what I taught Mike. I’ll need a better camera next time!

IMG_20150321_145623 IMG_20150321_152542 IMG_20150321_152544

Hogan Haake