Cubs Prank – 3/14/2015

Being in St. Louis, it won’t come as a shock to anybody that there are several St. Louis Cardinal baseball fans in the office. One in particular, Kris, was in for a shock when he came back from vacation. While he was out of the office, I decorated his office with Chicago Cubs (their arch-rival) decorations. I knew that Kris would take the prank well.

IMG_20150314_105457 IMG_20150314_105503 IMG_20150314_105508 IMG_20150314_105515 IMG_20150314_105521

The framed photos in the background are family photos of his that I have converted into Cubs memorabilia. When Kris got back into the office, a few of us were there to witness his reaction. Not surprising, I immediately got credit for the work with some mild language followed by my name. He came out of the office after cleaning up what he found and laughed.

It is especially funny because he only noticed the keyboard right away and promptly removed the aluminum foil and custom keys I made for him. Kris sat at his desk working as if the joke was over. Of course, I went into his office and took his photo. Then when he was at lunch, I updated the decoration. Look at the photos in the background of the next photo.

Notice I framed the photo of him with the Cubs picture frame.
Full frame of him with the picture of him with all the cubs stuff.

It took approximately 2 weeks for him to find all of the “hidden” Cubs stuff in his office. Now I”m just waiting for my next vacation, wondering what might happen to me…

Hogan Haake