Barkbusters – 7/11/2018

With my failed handguards returned to the store, it  was time to get serious. First you may be wondering what the rush is. The hand guards have a few functions, most important, if I crash, they protect the brake and clutch levers from snapping off. Not having working controls on a motorcycle makes it inoperable. Second/third function is protecting my hands. If I am in the woods, it keeps limbs from directly smacking my hands. And it also block some wind to help keep me warm in the colder riding conditions.

So I purchased a pair off Barkbusters. This kit is specifically fitted to my motorcycle, so the installation will go correctly. And I was quite surprised that it went perfect and I didn’t need Danelle’s help. I also didn’t need to take it to the shop to fix a mistake!

Hogan Haake