Riding North – 8/25/2018

I took another evening ride going north.

I ended up in the land between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. I was going to ride north to a free bridge, but it got late much sooner than I expected. So I gook some cool night photography and headed home on the Golden Eagle Ferry to save time.

On the Golden Eagle Ferry looking north at the shore I just left.

Hogan Haake

St. Gen Ride – 7/21/2018

Eric and I met up for an easy Saturday morning motorcycle ride. We decided to meet at an old Blockbuster (now defunct) that he used to work at. There, we would meet his sister Alisa and ride together to St. Genevieve, Missouri for breakfast. Why St. Gen, cause its far away and gives us a place to ride to.

So I’m riding along on the highway doing my own thing and getting over 50 MPG. Suddenly, I’m passed by Eric going much faster. So I kept up with him and followed him all the way to our meeting spot. Why this part of the story is important is because Eric often complains that he doesn’t get that great of fuel economy. He used to get great numbers, but the longer he has had his bike, the worse it gets. When we got to the meeting spot, I was down to just 40 MPG due to keeping up with Eric. I did my best to explain to him that his crazy riding (cause motorcycles are so much fun) is the reason it has gone down!

From Left to right: Eric’s Yamaha FZ-07, Alisa’s Honda CB500, Hogan’s Suzuki V-Strom 650

Once we met up, we had a nice country ride down rural Missouri highways until we got into St. Gen. From there, we headed to a Huddle House. As luck would have it, it was closed for renovations. Eric guided us to a McDonald’s for breakfast. I actually like  McDonald’s, but was looking for some small town food. So I told Eric and Alisa to hang on. I approached a stranger and asked if he knew of a local diner for breakfast that wasn’t a chain. He pointed us to Buddy’s Place Restaurant (585 Ste Genevieve Dr, Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670).

Buddy’s was the perfect small town breakfast. The buffet had more stuff than I should have eaten, but that didn’t stop me! I don’t normally take photos of my food, but this was an exception!

Eventually we parted ways. Eric and I took the ferry across to Illinois and Alisa went back home solo.

Hogan Haake


Confluence Ride – 7/18/2018

Its hard  not to be excited when you have a new toy. My Wee-Strom still has my attention even though I purchased it in March. Today’s adventure had me riding out to the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. I know there are some gravel roads out there and I don’t have much time before sunset!

I stumbled across something else awesome. They had some fields of sun flowers that were blooming perfectly!

And my trusty Wee-Strom that got me there and back with lots of smiles!

Hogan Haake

Barkbusters – 7/11/2018

With my failed handguards returned to the store, it  was time to get serious. First you may be wondering what the rush is. The hand guards have a few functions, most important, if I crash, they protect the brake and clutch levers from snapping off. Not having working controls on a motorcycle makes it inoperable. Second/third function is protecting my hands. If I am in the woods, it keeps limbs from directly smacking my hands. And it also block some wind to help keep me warm in the colder riding conditions.

So I purchased a pair off Barkbusters. This kit is specifically fitted to my motorcycle, so the installation will go correctly. And I was quite surprised that it went perfect and I didn’t need Danelle’s help. I also didn’t need to take it to the shop to fix a mistake!

Hogan Haake