April 2012

The garden is in full swing with part of the crop getting planted last month and the crop of garlic getting ready to be harvested. Danelle is working hard as ever to produce a viable garden. I’m proud of her for the work she puts into it. Its hard to appreciate a grocery store until you try to grow your own food in any quantity!

Speaking of growing, we had an extremely mild winter. I usually let the “bamboo” from the previous year stand until the first shoots come up in the spring and then cut off the old stalks. Much to my surprise, the old stalks started growing back this year as well as getting new stalks from the ground. I’ve kept this strand of bamboo for almost 10 years now and have never seen this happen before.

Like any parent, I’m constantly doting on how awesome my kids are. The did this or that, but now I have proof how cool Sonora is…

During this month’s Sunset Race, I took my newish Hobie Adventure kayak down the Meramec river. I bottomed out too much and caused some damage to the rubber on the pedal drive. By the end of the race, the damage caused the boat to list to the right.