Texas Water Safari and Me – 6/9/2018

I’ve been interested in canoe racing for several years. Before the 2018 Texas Water Safari (TWS), I had previously paddled in the Missouri River 340 (MR340) 5 different times. From this experience, I believe I knew what paddling ultra marathons were all about. I wanted to add some other large races to ones I have … Continue reading “Texas Water Safari and Me – 6/9/2018”

Texas Water Safari – 6/9/2018

Its that time of year again where I go out and do something extra crazy. This year, I’m participating in the 2018 Texas Water Safari. Its a 261 mile canoe race. I’m paddling in the Novice division with T. If you’re bored or curious, you can follow our progress live from 2 places. 1. Spot … Continue reading “Texas Water Safari – 6/9/2018”

South Dakota Kayak Challenge – 5/25/2017

The South Dakota Kayak Challenge is a 72 mile paddling race down the Missouri river. Danelle and I had previously completed this race and though it would be fun to do it again with friends. I borrowed a 4 person aluminum boat and talked Andy and T into joining us for the trip. We only … Continue reading “South Dakota Kayak Challenge – 5/25/2017”

Weldon Springs Training – 5/18/2017

We’ve officially signed up for the South Dakota Kayak Challenge. The team is Andy, T, Danelle and Hogan Haake. We’re borrowing a 4 person aluminum boat from Bernie Arnold and this is our first training run. The plan is to paddle after work from Weldon Springs to Blanchette Landing in St. Charles. We’re fortunate that … Continue reading “Weldon Springs Training – 5/18/2017”