Texas Water Safari – 6/9/2018

Its that time of year again where I go out and do something extra crazy. This year, I’m participating in the 2018 Texas Water Safari. Its a 261 mile canoe race.

I’m paddling in the Novice division with T.

T and I working on the spray skirt.

If you’re bored or curious, you can follow our progress live from 2 places.

1. Spot Tracker where you can track just our boat.
2. Once the race starts. Texas Water Safari site will have live tracking of all competitors. We’re boat 6006

Update 6/6/2018 12:15 PM

Note, things just got real. Thanks to the Internet, I have the 2018 Log Jam map. Looks like the race might be a bit longer. And I thought we would be done with portages by this point!

Hogan Haake

2 thoughts on “Texas Water Safari – 6/9/2018

  1. Where was that map when we needed it at 1:00 am… lol.
    That log jam ended up being fun, I still can’t believe we made out. I was worried me and joe were going to get everyone lost!

    1. I’m just glad you guys took the lead and got us all out of there. I was worried we would never leave that log jam!

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