128th Sunset Race – 7/11/2019

The second Thursday of the month, you’re going to find me on a river paddling. Generally the Meramec river. Tonight was no exception and I was bring a new paddler with me. I met Tonya at a doctor’s appointment. She was working and I struck up a conversation with her. Somehow, it came to paddling. … Continue reading “128th Sunset Race – 7/11/2019”

Texas Water Safari and Me – 6/9/2018

I’ve been interested in canoe racing for several years. Before the 2018 Texas Water Safari (TWS), I had previously paddled in the Missouri River 340 (MR340) 5 different times. From this experience, I believe I knew what paddling ultra marathons were all about. I wanted to add some other large races to ones I have … Continue reading “Texas Water Safari and Me – 6/9/2018”