Stream Team Annual Picnic – 7/28/2018

Every summer we all look forward to the annual trek to Meramec State Park near Sullivan, Missouri, for the Stream Team Picnic.  The weather is often nasty hot, but there are plenty of opportunities to go for a swim or float on a tube in the Meramec River and there is lots of shade at the picnic grounds.  The picnic also features a great potluck (get stuffed like it’s Thanksgiving!), awards for volunteers who have gone above and beyond, games and crafts for the kiddos, and the biggest raffle I’ve ever seen.

The raffle for 2018 had something for everyone!


This year, Stream Teams United helped lead the event, so that means that the Haake family helped out more than in past years.  Our garage was the home for the raffle collection and much of the food before the event.  The assembly of the raffle packages was a fun afternoon!  Hogan was one of the grill masters, with help from Sonora.  And the whole family helped out with random tasks during the picnic, like blowing up the inner tubes for the float, setting up the kids games, and handing out T-shirts.

We’ll be back again next year, helping Stream Teams United to continue the decades-long tradition of the Stream Team Picnic.  Maybe we’ll see you there!


Stream Team Picnic – 7/25/2015

The last weekend in July is the annual Stream Team picnic. We have been going for several years and the kids are quite fond of it. The activities keep the kids happy. Our family tends to do well in the canoe races and gets too many trophies.

IMG_20150725_133538 IMG_20150725_133558

If that were not enough, the raffle is always fun. The kids are always excited to pick out a prize for themselves. IMG_20150726_134225 IMG_20150725_142450

It is topped off with tube floating down the Meramec river. I choose to drive shuttle this year.


Hogan Haake

Annual Stream Team Picnic – 7/25/2014

Every year, we try to participate in the annual Stream Team picnic. This year we were able to make it out again for a good time. We had so much fun in fact, that we only got this photo as we were leaving.


Well, that’s not completely true. The picnic was fun, but there were a few issues. The day we arrived, Friday, we were warned by other campers that somebody had come into their group campsite and robbed them of lots of valuables. It was recommended that we lock up our stuff. Our campsite got robbed on Saturday, but we only lost a few expensive flashlights. it won’t stop us from going back, but we might not camp next year…

Hogan Haake

Stream Team Picnic – 7.23

Danelle and I went to the annual Stream Team picnic held at Meramec State Park. Its always held on the last Saturday in July. This year, the temperature was quite warm. Danelle’s parents were worried about the kids with the excessive heat, so they kept the kids at their house. Danelle and I were just a couple heading to a party. We were looking forward to hanging out in the heat. Danelle was slightly worried that I was going to be bored in the morning. The party part didn’t really get started until around lunch time, but she was to be there around 9:30am for some training. I told her not to worry as I packed our canoe on top of the van. I had a plan to be paddling all morning while she was in class.

I went a couple miles upstream during the morning. Since I was by myself, I used my kayak paddle and sat in the middle of the boat. This made it easy to control and balance the boat. I had the perfect amount of water for a hard upstream paddle and a potentially casual paddle back downstream. I passed many people two times that morning, once going upstream, and once coming back down!

When I got back to where I started, the Stream Team people had a tent set up with bugs in it. They were demonstrating to anybody interested different bugs in the stream. I spent a few minutes at the tent before I moved all my equipment up to the parking lot to pack it all away.

At the celebration, there were tons of door prizes to help raise money for Stream Teams.

Lots of fun things happen at this event every year. There are several canoe races of which, Danelle and I brought home 2 first place trophies and one second place. The food and company were great.


A more official report of the event.